Media Project 2

A Post-Trumpalyptic RPG game on Twine speaking to youth resistance and social justice.

Doing this project of courses connected with almost all of the theory we have been discussing in class. I specifically found myself to be having a connected learning experience as my work was “socially embedded, interest-driven, and oriented toward educational, economic, or political opportunity,” in creating an RPG game about current political happenings in the world. To create the game, I found myself really doing the research on what Trump has specifically done since the time of his inauguration, and how that has affected world politics and America itself. I happily researched how the youth today could be of assistance in protesting, and doing active political work. Normally doing research for a project feels like added work, but because I was having a ludic experience with creating the game, and I wanted solid pathways in terms of if/thens in the context of my game, I did the research. Using Blikstein’s thoughts on our culture of you’ve either “got it” or you haven’t, I found that I had to use trial and error to make sure my pathways, the way the pictures were positioned, the general look of the game exactly as I wanted it. Creating the game also, in a way, increased my confidence in the fact that coding isn’t all that hard and I can do it if I’d like. Before this class, I hadn’t really ever wanted to code because I always saw the complex series of numbers, brackets, numerical figures and they always freaked me out. But having created this game through trial and error and guiding myself through it with tutorials online, I feel a sense of confidence in my coding abilities that I didn’t have before.

The tool itself is fairly easy to use and I didn’t have a whole lot of trouble using it. There were points where I felt stuck in terms of not knowing how to connect two pathways to the same outcome, but I looked on Twine wiki and the tutorial Kurt had put up. I didn’t really see a lot of limitations with the tool itself. The only thing I could think of was it would be cool if Twine itself could offer a comprehensive video tutorial in the program itself of all the ways someone can imbed media, like sound, videos, etc, as it can get a little annoying to have to go online and search each time. Otherwise, I had a connected, ludic experience where I was able to connect theory with application and enjoyed the work while doing it!

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