I am a second year M.Ed student with an interest in the Urban Environments diploma. This is my seventh year at York University — having completed my undergraduate degree in both Kinesiology and Health Sciences, as well as Concurrent Education in 2015. My teachable subjects include Health and Physical Education, and English. Having been the Team Captain of York’s Wrestling team for a number of years through my undergrad and having studied Kinesiology: the science of human movement, I can confidently say that I am physically literate. My interest in the Urban Environments diploma led me to take some of Dr. Nombuso Dlamini’s courses, including: Literacy and Social Context, as well as Youth and their Cultural Experience. Through having taken 5385: Multimodal Literacies in the Fall semester, and 5860: Issues in Digital Technology & Education currently, I am looking to further build upon my knowledge of what it means to be literate and how we can incorporate the changing face of literacy and technology in our practice as educators.

Outside of my M.Ed work, I am an athlete, a Residence Don, a strong student-leader in the community, and I love to travel.

Video: York Lions | Getting to know… Urshian Khalid (wrestling)